Our clients include: Artful Home, Belkin, Branders, Charlotte Russe, Crosstown Traders, evo, Griot's Garage, Hydro Flask, KnackForGiving, Ledbury, Lucy, Lululemon, Nasty Gal, Outdoor Research, Revant Optics, Sage, Sundance, Sur La Table, TomboyX, Wolverine Worldwide and Zovo. 

Here's what they say about us: 

"We hired Janice to do do an overall assessment, recommendation and implementation for our organization. Her knowledge and experience was vast, comprehensive, and world-class. She provided an invaluable structure and framework for us and inspired confidence in the entire team. Janice's manner was both understanding and forthright, providing leadership and expertise to move us forward in the merchandise planning and inventory management area while addressing organizational issues She knew how to work with our small, nimble team, knowing what we needed and how we needed it. I heartily recommend Janice and hope I get another chance to work with her."

- Lisa Bayne, CEO of Artful Home

"I highly recommend Janice Sears as a marketing and merchandising consultant. Janice was immensely helpful as she assisted my company with an overhaul of our merchandising hierarchy and reporting needs. Extremely organized, detail oriented and communicative, Janice's work style made our remote engagement all the easier.”

— Paul Watson, Co-founder of Ledbury 

“Janice is a very knowledgeable and competent business partner. She is able to assess a business and develop a plan for rollout. She can work well with all sizes of business from startup to sizeable existing businesses. She is a pleasure to work with and she has my recommendation to anyone in need of expertise in business planning, allocation and merchandising.”

— Calvin Reeder, VP of Retail Sundance Holdings Group, LLC

“Janice is a very sharp high-level strategist with hands-on experience. She helped us develop an assortment planning model under a tight timeline. She guided us through the process so that at the end of the project we not only had a great tool for analyzing our inventory assortment but also had the knowledge and understanding of how to use that tool. I would recommend Janice and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again in the future!”

— Caleb Iorg, CFO & Operations, Revant Optics

“When we needed assistance to validate and evaluate our merchandising functions, I hired Janice. She was fast, comprehensive, and detailed in her approach. Her recommendations were pragmatic and useful. I would hire her again due to her efficiency and deep expert knowledge of the field, her ability to quickly suss out what’s happening, her professional approach and desire to make a difference.”

— Jodi Watson, President Direct to Consumer Wolverine Worldwide Inc

“I worked with Janice as a fellow board member at Grange Supply. I was continuously impressed with her broad business knowledge, strong merchandising skills and ability to drive change through an organization. Clearly, her wealth of experience with large and small companies has given her a very high level of expertise in the retail world.”

— Brad Johnson, former CFO, REI

“Janice brings a wealth of experience to the table. In a short time, she completely restructured our merchandising function, providing the tools and leadership we needed right before the crucial holiday season. How we do things now is light years ahead of how we did prior to Janice’s involvement, and for that I am grateful beyond words!” (She rated JL Sears Consulting highly for expertise, results and integrity.)”

— Sophia Amoruso, CEO, Nasty Gal

“Outdoor Research had the good fortune to engage J.L. Sears consulting to work with our retail division. Over the course of the project J.L. Sears was able to quickly identify the high-priority issues and build a game plan to implement and train our team on a new tool set. The tools they are working with now have almost immediately translated into better buying decisions, better in-stock and better turns. Needless to say, sales and profitability are ahead of plan. Throughout the engagement Janice was able to work with our young team in a language and at level of complexity that put them at ease and made them excited to embrace the changes she proposed. We will certainly look forward to working with Janice in the future as our business grows.”

— Dan Nordstrom, CEO, Outdoor Research

“The strategic planning process and investment in infrastructure, lead by JL Sears Consulting was a major contributor to our bottom-line success this year!”

— Kathy Tierney, CEO Sur La Table

“My only regret is that JL Sears Consulting wasn’t here to help us one year earlier.”

— Michelle Lantow, President, Lucy Activewear

“Evo reached a point where we needed someone who could help evolve our tools, processes and disciplines in Merchandising and Inventory Management so that we could continue our growth trajectory, better our profitability, and hone our product assortment so that we balanced brand selection, styles, and depth in line with the evo brand. We also know that the importance of preserving the right aspects of our brand integrity and corporate culture. Janice was the perfect fit for us once again. Her former knowledge and work with us plus the relationships she had built and maintained throughout our organization, and, her experience and expertise were a welcome and much needed addition for our company and team. For me personally, she has taught me a TON about merchandising best practices in theory and in application. Our team has matured technically and personally, from her knowledge and depth and breadth of experience, and her patience, thoroughness, professionalism, thoughtfulness, and sense of fun. A true friend and fan of evo, and an expert who has helped our business and kept us who we are.”

— Atsuko Tamura, CEO, evo

“Our company has the talent and raw ambition needed to scale, but what has been missing is the expertise and metric-driven structure needed in order to build a successful retail business. Not only did Janice surpass all of our expectations when it came to implementing the structure and helping the team execute at a higher level, she has been embraced by all that she has worked with.”

— Bryce Phillips, Founder, Evogear

“Evo is a small company and we were concerned that Janice’s experience might not translate to our business. In fact, Janice is extremely pragmatic, flexible and adaptable with a focus on maximizing our return and pushing our team to grow and become stronger.”

— Shilo Jones, President Evogear

“JL Sears Consulting completely exceeded my expectations of developing and implementing a new planning process and key metrics that has enabled my team to be more strategic and make better cross-functional business decisions. Janice accomplished this by teaching the team how to work in a cross-functional business environment; in turn my team fully embraced her involvement and enjoyed working with her.”

— Lori Twomey, President, Crosstown Traders

“Janice provided invaluable leadership in evolving our planning and purchasing organizations, along with implementing crucial business processes and tools following a thorough assessment of our needs. She approached the extensive project with a style that facilitated change and interdepartmental teamwork while improving key metrics immediately. We could not have done it without her.”

— Tom Park, CFO/COO Belkin International

“I’ve worked with Janice as a colleague and as a customer. She combines expertise from past experience in executive roles with her skill as a service provider to deliver the right solution to her clients and projects. Janice has high standards and is a an invaluable resource in resolving business challenges.”

— Ed Wong, Chief Operations Office, Charlotte Russe

“Janice was invaluable in helping the organization with a critical planning process as we explored several new business models. She asked tough questions and provided valuable insight along the way. Her significant experience, in both the for profit and nonprofit sectors, was evident in all her work. She helped us make some exciting choices and probably helped us avoid some costly mistakes. In the end, the business plan she developed gave my board the confidence they needed to move forward.”

— Patrick D'Amelio, CEO, Alliance for Education